Muse Design is a branding and marketing agency that differentiates you from your competitors using an integrated approach. It all starts with a strategic process to provide the positioning that leads to a unique brand, dominant in your market.

As brand specialists, we discover the uniqueness of a product, service or organization and determine how to communicate it best. Our process involves research with internal and external stakeholders; people who are familiar with your company, and those who are not, to provide the clearest and most accurate situation analysis.

We’re full-service: We can plan your marketing strategy, create a brand, write a compelling story, design and build your web site, and organize your public relations campaign.

Brand development

A successful brand distinguishes itself from the competition in order to establish preference and loyalty. Authenticity is a requirement as well as consistency across all platforms. Whether you are undergoing a merger, extending your brand with new products or services, or seeking to revitalize your image, we can help.

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Web development

More than just making a good first-impression, your website, whether it be a full site or a simple blog style, needs to be aligned with your brand and be user-friendly and functional.

We combine structured information architecture, intelligent design, and intuitive navigation to create a website true to your brand identity and targeted to the needs of your audience.

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Expanding into a new market, targeting a new customer segment or simply targeting growth, we can help determine the best approach for your market.

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Package Design

Whether we are building a new brand from scratch or redesigning an existing package, we always start with a brand packaging audit. Reviewing how your product currently performs in its shelf environment provides us with insight into not only how it competes for the consumer’s attention, but also how your competitors may be performing.

Public Relations

Everybody has a story to tell. Communicating your message clearly and consistently will build the right reputation for your brand. Engaging your stakeholders, customers, clients, the media, employees, donors, or the community at large, builds trust, credibility and loyalty.  We will work with you to identify your public relations strategy and which communications tactics will best achieve your desired results .

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Social Media

Social media has emerged as a critical piece to marketing. It cannot be viewed as a mere tactic, but a strategic component of customer and partner relationship building. Social media can establish and build real-time conversations with your target markets. We can help you navigate this world.

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